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UMass Memorial is pleased to offer our patients online access to portions of their medical record through the myChart web portal subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. Please read the following information carefully. To use myChart you must be authorized by UMass Memorial to access myChart as a UMass Memorial patient, authorized parent/legal guardian, or as a myChart Proxy. You will abide by the level of access granted by UMass Memorial. Your continued use of this portal will indicate you have received such authorization and you agree be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, promptly exit this portal.

I. myChart Use
myChart should never be used for urgent matters. It can take up to two (2) business days for a response to your electronic message.
If you believe you are experiencing an urgent or life threatening health condition you should phone your physician, go to an emergency room, or call 911.
If your provider is out of the office or unavailable, messages sent via myChart may be routed to another member of your care team within UMass Memorial to allow a timely response to your request.

At this time, you may use the myChart Portal to:

  • Review, request or cancel appointments
  • View selected portions of your medical record such as allergies, medications, and test results
  • Communicate with your health care team via secure messaging regarding health concerns
  • Request prescription refills
  • Link to other web sites that will provide general health information
  • Pay office co-pays, view and pay other medical bills

The above services may be changed, modified, or discontinued by UMass Memorial at any time.

Privacy and Security
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Please review the UMass Memorial Joint Notice of Privacy Practices for a description of how we gather, use and protect your confidential medical information.

Secure Communications
All communications between you and UMass Memorial Providers using myChart occur over a secure connection. UMass Memorial will send you messages via my Chart. You must provide UMass Memorial with a valid email address and update your email address when necessary through “My Profile” while logged into my account. UMass Memorial will send you emails to your provided personal email address to notify you that you have new myChart messages. UMass Memorial messages sent to your personal email will not include any confidential medical or personal information. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your own medical information when you access it electronically through myChart and display, forward, or print such information.

UMass Memorial does not control the devices, computers or the internet over which you may choose to enter confidential or personal information and cannot, therefore prevent interceptions or compromises to your information while in transit to UMass Memorial. UMass Memorial cannot guarantee the security, integrity, or confidentiality of any information transmitted by you to or from myChart.

Login Name and Password
Keep your login name and password completely confidential. Anyone with access to your login name and password will be able to access your confidential medical information. That person will also be able to read your messages and send new messages as if they were you. It is your responsibility to prevent disclosure of your login and password, and to change your password if you feel that your security has been compromised.

II. Disclaimer For Information Provided by myChart
UMass Memorial assumes no responsibility for how you use the information you obtain from the myChart portal. You acknowledge and understand that although UMass Memorial may provide links or reference to other sites, UMass Memorial has no responsibility for the content of these sites and does not endorse or accept any responsibility for the content or use of any linked site. If you decide to access any third party sites linked to the myChart portal, you do so entirely at your own risk and UMass Memorial shall not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content. Such links are provided merely as a convenience to the users of myChart. The myChart portal is not a substitute for consultation with your physician. You should never change or stop any course of treatment prescribed by your physician without first consulting him or her.

III. Copyright and Proprietary Rights
You acknowledge and agree that myChart and any third party content is the property of UMass Memorial or its licensors, and is protected by United States and international copyright law, trademark law, trade secret law, as well as other state, federal and international laws and regulations.

IV. Availability
You acknowledge that myChart is offered as a convenience to our patients and may not always be available due to system maintenance, back-ups or failures. Access is provided on an “as available” basis and you are not guaranteed access at any particular time.

V. Termination of Access
UMass Memorial may restrict or terminate your access to myChart at any time. If access is restricted for planned maintenance of the myChart system, every effort will be made to communicate downtime to all users in advance. However, there may be reasons to restrict access to myChart without advance notice.
Prohibited uses or abuses of myChart include, but are not limited to, threatening or offensive messages, inappropriately sharing passwords, or allowing unauthorized access to myChart shall result in termination of your access to myChart. In addition, if your use of myChart violates these Terms and Conditions, UMass Memorial reserves the right to permanently terminate your access to myChart.
UMass Memorial reserves the right to review your access and activities within myChart

VII. Indemnification, Disclaimer of Warranties, and Massachusetts Law
As a condition of your use of the myChart portal, you agree to indemnify and hold UMass Memorial Health Care, and its subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees, its licensors and Third Party Content providers (“Indemnified Parties”) harmless from and against any and all third party claims, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees) arising from (1) your use of myChart, (2) failure to comply with any applicable laws and regulations; or (3) from your violation of these Terms and Conditions.

myChart is made available to you “as is” and “as available” and UMass Memorial disclaims any and all warranties.

These Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you and UMass Memorial. This agreement and use of myChart shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time by UMass Memorial and the revised Terms will be provided to you for review and acceptance at your first log in after the Terms and Conditions are modified.